Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a difference a couple of months can make

What are you thoughts on the stock market? Do you think it will continue to drop as we go into the election month? I don't know about you, but this is kind of a scary thing, not scary enough to cancel my vacation with my mom.
We flew to St. Petersburg, Florida and even with the Rays doing well, Baywalk seemed bare. The only happening place seemed to be Fergs, a sportsbar next to Tropicana. The malls were having sales, but the crowds seemed scant, restaurants didn't have waiting lines. as I walked on the beach I noticed the pigeons even appeared skinny. Even with all of the worrisome sights, the best part of my trip was when the guy at the toll bridge said mom and I looked like movie stars in our convertible. I guess toll booth guys need tips too. We did kinda feel like Thelma and Louise, but as luck would have it, there were no Brad Pitts in sight.
I don't normally pay attention to the news, but even while I was there, I still tried to catch the market value at the end of the day. Can anyone relate? Do you think I am giving it too much thought if I have to work another 20 years?


Andy Egizi, Program Coordinator said...

We're at about the same point in our working lives so conventional knowledge would tell us to hang tough and to continue to invest. Right now, investing is like shopping at a close-out sale where you can get a good deal on something pretty nice:) From my very limited understanding, this mentality will probably lead to big swings in each direction - people buying cheap on days with big gains and people taking profits on days with big losses.

Beth C. said...

I will have to work forever so I guess I have failed to learn the necessary tools to survive economically. I should probably buy two dollars in stock so that if the markets recover big time after the election, I can make two bucks and then pay tax on it.