Monday, November 10, 2008

Search Engines

I am so naive about the internet and the capabilities. I have learned so much in my Internet/American life class. I found out several search engines exist and one of them is called Ms. Dewy. She has an attitude problem. If you sit and wait, and don't enter a search just listen to her and watch her expressions. I still prefer Yahoo and Google, but she is funny. O also enjoy the Kartoo search engine, it is very visual. The larger the bubble the more significant the site is to your search.

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Ray of Sunshine said...

Beth, I had so much fun in Internet and American Life. I took the course two semesters ago and just like you I learned so much about the Internet that I obviously was clueless about. Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know, we were learning something new each week. It was quite an interesting and fun experience. This ones new for me, though as I've never heard of Ms. Dewey. How neat?!?! I will have to try her on for size, lol. Thanks for sharing this information.