Friday, November 14, 2008

The New James Bond Movie Quantum of Solace

Anyone seen Quantum of Solace? I thought it was pretty good, but not quite as good as Casino Royale. My favorite James Bond has always been Sean Connery, but I think Daniel Craig is already my second favorite. He seems to have a natural tough guy image and his pretty blue eyes are a plus. Before I saw him in the movie, I thought of well he'll only be in a couple, but I have a feeling he will make several. Anyone have an opinion on him or the movie?


Patrick Roberts said...

Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least... a fantastic job with the styling and picture quality, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

Ray of Sunshine said...

Hey Beth,

While I really don't have much to lend to the discussion of the new James Bond movie because I haven't yet seen it, I do want to let you know that I've changed my account name to jsgirl-rayofsunshine from jsgirl-halfthebattle. Please feel free to stop by and visit anytime you like. Thanks and be blessed!


ajenno said...

I saw Quantum of Solace this past Friday and I enjoyed it very much! Of course, I was originally going to see Twilight, but it was completely sold out for the whole night and the theater was filled with about 10,000 teenage girls, so I saw James Bond by default since I wasn't about to waste a night out. To my mind, it was a good movie, but not a James Bond movie. It was more modern, like a Jason Stratham kind of movie. The older Bond films offered much more intrigue and more fascinating characters. To me, Sean Connery is the only true Bond, although Roger Moore wasn't all bad.

Dan B said...

I think Sean Connery was closest to Ian Fleming's conception of Bond. I've read the whole series, by the way, and even though the books are pretty dated by their historical context, they still hold up rather well. I liked the Roger Moore films, especially "Live and Let Die," but he seemed more like a Bond parody. I want to see Casino Royale before Quantum of Solace. Good lord, It's been out over a year and I've been so busy at UIS never got to check it out.

I see Harry and Willum attended the premier with Craig in London...I got an invitation at the last minute, but you know, without the Concorde in the air anymore, there wasn't a chance I'd get there in time. Hee.